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Struggling with Same-Sex Attraction : Finding Freedom and Hope in Jesus Christ

Are you plagued with questions, concerns, fears, or doubts concerning same-sex attraction? Do you find yourself confused, stuck, or alone? The good news is that there are answers to your questions, calm and peace to sooth your fears, and a hope available to meet you in the midst of your discouragement.

As Samuel Stephens states in this booklet, there are only two perspectives that must be evaluated in order to address the struggle with same-sex attraction—the broad way of the culture that is ultimately deceptive and will lead you down a path of destruction; and the narrow way of the cross, which will lead you to a place of eternal freedom and firmly grounded identity. Stephens explores these two paths and provides the means of finding freedom and hope in Jesus Christ.

About the Author

Samuel Stephens is a Ph.D. graduate from Southwestern Seminary. Over the past several years, he has served in churches and parachurch organizations relating to collegiate work, counseling, and discipleship ministries.

Counseling Series