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Copyright Protection

All materials published by Seminary Hill Press are protected by copyright. Therefore, unless the reproduction of SHP material is protected by the “fair use” clause, written permission must be granted by SHP before material can be reproduced in any form.


Fair Use

The “fair use” clause of current U.S. copyright law allows for the reproduction of short excerpts from copyrighted works with standard footnoting. In light of this, please review the following:

If your request falls within these guidelines, you do not need to obtain written permission. Be sure, however, to properly cite the work(s) that you use.

If your request falls outside of these guidelines, you must obtain written permission from SHP.

The fair use guidelines listed above pertain only to written text and do not include permissions for any use of photographs, maps, charts, graphs, or other artistic/illustrated works within SHP publications. If you desire to use any of these items, you must obtain written permission from SHP.