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Prospective Authors

Seminary Hill Press (SHP) publishes books, curriculum, and other deliverables that pertain broadly to theological education or practical aspects of ministry and ecclesiology. Authors are primarily faculty members of Southwestern Seminary, although friends of Southwestern may also work with SHP at the publisher’s discretion. Works should fit the mission of Southwestern and contribute in some way to the edification of God’s people.

A proposal must be sent and approved prior to SHP accepting full manuscripts.


Publication Process

  1. Author submits a proposal according to Proposal Guidelines.
  2. SHP reviews the proposal.
  3. If accepted, SHP forms a contract with the author(s).
  4. Receipt of final full content from author according to Manuscript Guidelines.
  5. Copyediting of manuscript to produce a non-layout proof.
  6. Proof sent to reviewers (e.g., scholars in the field pertaining to the subject matter of the manuscript).
  7. Author edits manuscript according to reviewers’ comments and Managing Editor’s queries.
  8. Final copyediting.
  9. Design and layout.
  10. Final page proofs sent to author(s).
  11. Final editing.
  12. Publication.


*The production time from receipt of manuscript to release of final product is roughly five months.